Mobile version of the site, creating an adaptive design


The mobile version of the site is being developed separately for viewing information on portable gadgets. The design and content may completely or in some part repeat the desktop version. As a rule, for the mobile version, an option is used when part of the content is not published on it in order to make its use easier and more understandable.

Mobile traffic is growing from year to year, and this trend cannot be stopped. The presence of a mobile version of the site increases the customer orientation of your company. This leads to an increase in loyalty and competitiveness.


Why do I need a mobile version of the site?

To date, the mobile version of the site and, in general, adaptive design are integral attributes of any Internet project. This is due to the fact that the share of traffic from mobile devices is constantly growing and has long exceeded 60% for any basic projects.

Is it possible to add a mobile version to an existing site?

Of course it is possible and necessary. Any project that does not currently have a mobile version is basic uncompetitive and does not receive traffic from mobile search. Therefore, correcting this omission is the highest priority.