Creating a corporate website


A corporate website is an official representation of a company on the Internet. In fact, this is your front office, your face. It contains a full volume of information about the company, the scope of its activities, the products and services offered, employees, achievements, and may also contain additional services (here you can expand well).

Creating a corporate website is a necessity today. You can be located anywhere in the world, in Kiev, London or Beijing. On the Internet, this is not important. It is only important that the site has a unique conversion or wow - design, high page loading speed and favorably distinguishes the company from its competitors.


What is meant by creating a corporate website?

A corporate website is essentially any website that provides both the internal needs of a particular business and its customers. The internal part refers to the CRM hidden in the site, order and notification handlers, sms, mail, corporate chats, and much more. Under the external-the visual shell and the structure of the site, which helps customers of the corporate segment to get the desired information.